Monday, March 22, 2010


4'x5' acrylic on canvas

3'x5' acrylic on canvas

Pacific Street #2

4'x5' acrylic on canvas

The Crucifiction

4'x5' acrylic on canvas

This is a painting that I'm surprised by every time I am doing it live. I have this fear that people will think that it is too graphic but I always hear the stories of how it touched people. One testimony that I heard this weekend was from a mom who was telling me that her son knew exactly what I was painting from the first strokes. He said, "I know Him!" and turned to his friend and said, "but you don't know Him..not yet." His friend said..."know who?" and the boy replied, "Jesus!". Then he saw me painting the red blood on His arm and face...and the boy said,"that was for me" and turned to his friend and said,"that was for you too!"
Once I painted this painting at a youth event where I was preaching while I painted Christ...that was fun.

The Jesus Painter