Monday, April 20, 2009

Our junk-God's Art

We were in Santa Cruz for Easter weekend with Sam and Julie's family and we found many things on the beach, well actually Addie was the our little paleontologist, and this is a piece that she found and may I say that it was a great find. It's a piece of metal that came from the ocean: Ohhh! Maybe it's peice from a sunken ship!
The young mind can only imagine.
This is a great example of God creating Art from something that mankind has manipulated from the original purpose that God imagined. Just being there on the beach and being reminded of how small we really are but how our small things make huge impacts. Ahhh, but the great Equalizer will step in and make it right again making it all the more true that He takes the messes of men and turns them into beautiful things.
What an awesome effect that the saltly Sea and the passing of Time has accomplished together in response to Worship our creator!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

From TV to the Studio

This is an Oil Painting on Canvas 20"x16" that I painted a couple of months ago. I was bored and gave in to watching some over dramatic TV with Shari. And as I was watching "the biggest loser" I noticed a painting in the background that caught my eye. So I paused the tivo and ran back and forth from the TV to my studio and I painted this picture. This just goes to show you that watching TV is not as bad for you as one may think, you just might spot some good art! I also remember seeing good Art on "the apprentice". Not that I watch that show or have ever. I can tell you this for sure-- there is no good art hanging on The Bachelor.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Seven Spirits of God

Today my meditation brought me to this painting that I did a couple of months ago. It is Oil paint on Wood titled "The Seven Spirits of God". Not long ago was watching this show on Ovation TV featuring Rothko and I went to my studio and painted this painting. I showed Shari and she said, "why are you tring to paint Rothko?"...I got alittle offended and cleaned my brushes. One thing I like about Rothko is his soft lines. I see the Spirits of God as Soft whispers of guidance. I finally hung this piece and Shari likes it now...Uhh? So in light of the happenings of the world around us...I look to another world within.