Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Speak Into The Dark

That moment when God said "Let there be Light…"

It was when I was in an Art history class at Sacramento State University that it hit me!  Michelangelo revealed an awesome fresco panel titled "Separation of Light from Darkness".  Its one of the panels that is in the Sistine Chapel and he purposely placed it above the Altar where people would go to take communion.  This is the moment when the Old Testament and the New Testament came together for me!  I mean,  Just think!  In the beginning when God Separated Light from Darkness Jesus was dying on the Cross separating Light from Darkness in our life!  God's plan was never to condemn us but to free us!  Jesus rose from the dead and gave us His power for eternal life!

I love this song by Hank Murphy because I can hear the same thread of wisdom.  That as God spoke the Light into the universe He also spoke the Light into our hearts!  Thanks to these great artists I was able to compose this piece to celebrate the Life that has been freely given to all!

There is power in the spoken word.  Use yours wisely!

Painting Jesus at Fremont Presbyterian Church in Sacramento CA

Here I feel like I am getting comfortable in my skin when Im performing.  I am so excited about where my Jesus painting will take me and I am happy that you are on this journey with me!

Danny Panasiuk

Click on this link to see the video!!!!