Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lion Head

Acrylic and Oil on canvas 12"x16"

Here is a painting that I did in my studio last night. And I am working on producing the video of the painting. My last video art painting of Christ was recieved well and I was touched and pleased with the variety of stories that I heard and how much it was shared with friends. Thanks guys! But what I was touched by the most was a little 8 year old girl Mackenzie who saw the video and wanted to pause it and she sat down and drew her own picture of Christ. So I did this painting for Mackenzie because she loves animals. And I am pleased to have presented it to her today with the video of the work.

Art belongs to children.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Oil on Canvas 13"x34"

This is a small piece that was fun to paint. I feel so good about many things being organized in my life with me and my family. Even though it's not clear as to what will come I am sure that the big picture is coming together nicely. I always default to painting the sea. I am not an obstructionist although I love when things are ambiguous and this painting will help me take my next step. Painting is not about subject matter but more about application of product and connecting; in the end we are nothing more than spirit.