Monday, April 20, 2009

Our junk-God's Art

We were in Santa Cruz for Easter weekend with Sam and Julie's family and we found many things on the beach, well actually Addie was the our little paleontologist, and this is a piece that she found and may I say that it was a great find. It's a piece of metal that came from the ocean: Ohhh! Maybe it's peice from a sunken ship!
The young mind can only imagine.
This is a great example of God creating Art from something that mankind has manipulated from the original purpose that God imagined. Just being there on the beach and being reminded of how small we really are but how our small things make huge impacts. Ahhh, but the great Equalizer will step in and make it right again making it all the more true that He takes the messes of men and turns them into beautiful things.
What an awesome effect that the saltly Sea and the passing of Time has accomplished together in response to Worship our creator!

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