Thursday, March 26, 2009


Well now it's just an empty brown wall. And I must say that I'm shocked and more sad than I thought I would be. This wasn't a surprise to me, I knew this would happen. They told me that they were painting over it and I was OK with it. But now I am sad because I miss it... and I didn't think I would. Yes...I know it's still there underneath the brown paint. At least now I know how I really felt about that I thought I had no feelings...

That is why I must share with you now a video that I saw on TV of an artist that did this very thing on purpose. I love watching stuff like this because it's just crazy...who gets to just sit around all day and just paint?

Robert Rauschenberg took a De Kooning painting and actually erased it and he called it - "Erased De Kooning Drawing"

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