Friday, May 8, 2009


Today Shari and I watched the Michael J. Fox's ABC-TV Special on Optimism and it was awesome! I recommend this special for everyone who just wants to watch some good TV and walk away feelin good. One of my strengths which drives me in all areas of my life is a healthly dose of Optimism.

A door may close on you but "no worries" another will open!
No...Really...I don't worry about it!

Some thinkers say "Your life begins now! So go out and write on the blank pages of your future!" I see it more like...I've already done this, I've been here before, so all I'm doing is looking back on my life and remembering this very moment. When I'm in the Spirit I can find it...but this very idea of looking back is in Ephesians chapter 2. You see right now I'm literally in Heaven and Jesus just said to me "Hey, danny, do you remember that time when.... and I say, Oh Yeah! I remember...


Peace and Love,
Saint Danny


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  2. You're so cool! I love your optimism! And I am totally heading up to my room to read Eph chapter 2! :o)