Friday, September 21, 2012

Painting with Danny

Im am passionate about painting! All I can think about is when I will be in the studio to paint my next work. I was hanging out with my 11 year old daughter today and we were discussing the topic of painting. I asked her if she could draw a picture of herself without looking at a picture or the mirror and she, without hesitation, said "Yes". "I know exactly what I look like because I am always looking at myself in the mirror." I know that we may have been told vanity is not a good trait but in the mind of an artist it's not about how others see us, it is about how we see ourselves. Do we know ourselves good enough to remember what we look like after we leave the mirror? So here is the challenge today! Look in the mirror for a long time, long enough to know what you look like and see something you have never seen before. What do you see?

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