Friday, October 26, 2012

Wicked Salvation

Here is a painting that you may have not seen! It is one of my beloved pieces and it was actually a breakthrough project for me. It started as a simple assignment when I was in the art program at CSUS and it was the first time that I painted what was in my head. I remember my instructor was thrilled about the lips. It is 4 x 5 feet acrylic on canvas. Since then it has hung out with me in my journeys and currently hangs in my bedroom watching over me at night. Often times we are too concerned about how others see us and we try to polish up our image to become what we think is "more appealing". When in reality the end product of our makeover is worse. Sometimes the most beautiful things come out of the most wicked and ugly places. To be saved from something is to truly be lifted out of a place where there is no escape and to have a first taste of freedom. Masking our failures to make them look legit may not be obvious to us but it accomplishes what we were initially trying to avoid, being noticed by others. When we finally reach the enlightenment of realizing that it doesn't matter what others may think we will be able to walk down that path to the cemetery and bury the expectations that we think others have for us. This idea comes with a warning label. Sometimes to get to the place of beauty you must take a journey through a desperate rundown wasteland. But don't worry, its okay because the outcome will not be something that you can ever create! I have noticed in my life that I have always been like this. I tear things down and break them just to put it back together again. So go ahead and go out there and destroy something! Or maybe sit down and look deep inside yourself today and be willing to see a desperate soul that lives in a wasteland and is surrounded by filth and realize for the first time that your thankful that there is "Salvation for the Wicked".

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